Ignite Your Voice

8-Week Speaker Academy

Do you have a story to share?

Are you not sure how to get started sharing your message?

Are you struggling with how to position yourself in the marketplace?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions:


will help you un-mute your voice and unveil

your message for the world to hear.

For 15 years, I had been speaking only to realize that all along my voice was on mute. I know you're wondering how that's possible? Let me explain, you see I was sharing on stages, but never once did I tell my story. Three years ago, I un-muted my voice and allowed myself to be vulnerable and share my story so that I could inspire others, to see themselves through my struggles and triumphs.

Are you ready to un-mute your Voice? 

I’m so glad you answered yes. If you are ready to...

Share your authentic voice with the world

Develop your Keynote

Get Booked On Stages 

Leave an impact with your audience

Confidently move your audience to take action 

Sell-Out Your Events 

Join us in the Ignite Your Voice Speaker Academy as we un-mute your voice, unveil your unique message, and unlock the power within you!

As a speaker, I share my story so that others lives can be changed. I believe you have a story that will impact the lives of many. It's Your Time!

I'm confident that Ignite Your Voice Speaker Academy is worth thousands, we are offering you the opportunity to join for a one time investment of $1997 TODAY or you can make four easy bi-weekly payment installments. Stay tune our next session will open September...If you are ready to Ignite Your Voice Click Below...

The World Is Waiting For You To Show UP

Here's What You Can Expect When You Join Me

In The 8-Week Ignite Your Voice Speaker Academy:


8 Live Weekly Zoom Sessions


Weekly questions and answers segment


Weekly templates, action items and assistance


Access to exclusive private Facebook Group


Amazing Bonus surprises

Weeks 1 - 3

Craft Your Message

  • Identify your audience
  • Unlock the secrets to your compelling message
  • Unveil your story to impact your audience
  • Craft your unique signature speech

Weeks 4 - 6

Position Your Marketing

  • Content Creation Speaker One Sheet 
  • Content Creation Speaker BIO 
  • Brand Positioning In the Marketplace 
  • Marketing tools to help your stand out in the marketplace 

Weeks 7 - 8

Monetize Your Message

  • On and Off Stages
  • Create your own platform
  • Book Engagements - Speaker Contracts & Proposal Emails
  • Monetize your message

What Graduates are Saying

Jacqueline Shaw

Ignite Your Voice Speaker Academy was amazing. Regina Robinson opened my eyes real wide on how to be successful in the speaker industry. She educated us on how to prepare a speech from beginning to end. She taught us everything we needed to get started on this journey called speaking. I’m very confident about pursuing my career of speaking as a result of all Regina has poured into me. I highly recommend this course for anyone that’s interested in the speaking arena and for those that need a refresher course.

Kyonna Fields-Brown

I was introduced to Regina Robinson while I was on a group conference call, and she was the guest speaker: I was simply intrigued by her personality and knew she had the IT I was looking for. I was a new emerging speaker at that time and a business owner with issues. With Regina becoming my coach for business she just couldn’t help herself with pouring into me as it related to speaking. When she launched her speaker academy, I wasn't in a place to invest, but I took the leap of faith and joined her Ignite Your Voice program because I knew I wanted to get a handle on my speaking career. I learned how to craft my message, formulate my Bio, and how to book engagements. If you’re looking for someone to help elevate you Regina Robinson is your one stop shop. I’m forever grateful to be under her wing because she pushes me to fly.

Tiwana Carlton

For years I allowed family, friends, life and myself to mute my voice. I decided it was time to un-mute my voice and stop allowing others to speak for me. I had no clue of how to un-mute my voice until I met Regina Robinson. She helped me overcome my fears and second guessing and un-mute my Voice. Regina was a Voice of Reason and a Voice of Inspiration in me finding my true Voice. In the Ignite Your Voice Speaker Academy I gained the power to un-mute my voice, craft my message, book speaking engagements and position myself as a speaker. Join Regina’s “Ignite Your Voice” Speaker Academy was a game changer for me. 

About Regina Robinson

Regina Robinson is an Award Winning Global Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Inner Confidence Strategist. 

She is known for motivating an inspiring her audiences with the education, strategies, and accountability to unlock their inner confidence and take action in their lives, businesses, and careers as they increase their credibility, visibility, and confidence.

She has been spotlighted and featured on the cover of a number of magazines, featured as a guest on a host of radio shows.

She has received numerous awards and recognition for her work including…

  • 2017 Official Member – Forbes Coaches Council
  • 2017 SCORE & SBA – Client of the Year
  • 2017 WEF – Iconic Woman Creating A Better World For All
  • 2017 Cover Story WOMEN Who Rock With Success Magazine 
  • 2017 Amazon Best Seller – Winning the Game of College Admissions
  • 2017 Book Collaboration – Permission To Win
  • 2017 Book Collaboration – Fitness Shift 
  • 2016 Self-Published – Fearlessly Strutting In Your Confidence
  • 2015 – Woman Legacy Builder
  • 2008 – National Teacher of the Year

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